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By AliBob, Mar 20 2014 07:00AM

So, the cafe has been here at the Cairn O'Mohr Winery since 2010 and was run by the winery themselves until they closed the doors at the end of the season in 2013. They would be open April to October, when the winery tours were running and offered safe refuge for those coming to do the tours and needing a well-earned cuppa at the end of the tastings!

The cook retired at the end of 2013 and the winery advertised for someone new and independent to come and take over the running of the cafe - lo and behold, hello - Ali & Bob waving their hands from the village of Errol, yes, we said - we'd love to do that.

And here we are :-)

By AliBob, Mar 19 2014 07:00AM

Pursuing a long-held ambition to have our own food business, "ALIBOB @ CAIRN O'MOHR" is the new, independently managed, cafe at the CAIRN O'MOHR WINERY in Errol, Perthshire. We are passionate about fresh, seasonal and local produce that caters for those seeking authentic homemade food. Our primary source of ingredients will be our own front doorstep - the Carse of Gowrie - using soft fruits, herbs, eggs, meat and a range of other ingredients available from small, independent producers operating between Perth and Dundee. The CAIRN O'MOHR WINERY is a premier example of how foraging and use of local produce can serve as the foundation of successful enterprise and we will be applying this ethos to ALIBOB @ CAIRN O'MOHR.

We serve coffee that is freshly ground from beans roasted daily in Dundee, bread that is baked fresh each morning in Perth and a range of homebaked cakes, scones, pastries and goodies made by Ali each day. Stop in and say hello, take a few moments out of your hectic day to relax in ALIBOB @ CAIRN O'MOHR and enjoy some 'me' time with friends and family.

We are also able to offer catering for larger groups and events and already have a number of bookings throughout the year for parties visiting the winery. Get in touch to enquire about how ALIBOB @ CAIRN O'MOHR can help with your event catering requirements.

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