AliBob @ Cairn o'Mohr



est. 2014

Who or What on Earth is AliBob?

We are Ali & Bob and we met and fell in love in 2002


We got engaged in 2004, the same year that Ali left our home country of Scotland to go and work overseas in Kosovo for the United Nations.


Bob stayed behind in Edinburgh, but he didn't take it personally and we got married in 2007. Determined not to miss out, Bob joined Ali overseas in 2008 and we embarked on a magical tour of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America to see what the world had to offer.


Intrinsic in this marvellous voyage was our personal obsession with food and drink combined with a burning desire to discover the very best of what food the world had to offer us as we pottered around the globe.


It was a priveliged journey and we were blessed to experience everything from the cheapest, tastiest street food in Istanbul, Uganda and Argentina n to the most opulent decadent feasts courtesy of worldwide Michelin Stars and the (at that time) World's Number One Restaurant "Noma" in Copenhagen, Denmark.


But, regardless of the price paid for our meal, the overriding realisation was that of the importance of taste, flavour and seasonality. Variety is truly the spice of life.


After almost ten years overseas, we figured it was time to come back home to Scotland and a timely opportunity to take over the cafe at the local Cairn O'Mohr winery led us to embarking on the true journey of our lives.


We love to feed people. We love to make people happy with food and drink and what finer place to do that than the original and only winery in Scotland. Cairn O'Mohr have been sharing their love of wine for almost 30 years so we are certainly in our infancy compared to their majestic presence in this world. But our partnership is a thing of beauty and we both understand what it means to make sure that the experience and enjoyment of our customers, when they choose to come and visit us, is paramount.


We hope to welcome you soon to AliBob @ Cairn O'Mohr and make sure that your enjoyment of your time with us is matched only by our passion to make your visit memorable for all the right reasons.


We're now in our sixth year - how time has flown! We've worked hard to etablish ourselves as a new business in very tough economical times - but here we are - proud of everything we have achieved with plenty more still to come.


If you want to chat to us more about our story and what we have planned, get in touch and find out how you might be able to get involved in our plans.